emetophobia: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of vomiting   


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how many of these can you tick?

do you avoid eating chicken?

do you avoid alcohol?

you hate walking past pubs?

avoid crowded social events?

you avoid eating in public?

are you a sell-by date sorter?

do you avoid flying or boats?

you avoid public transport?

end of the row in the cinema?

you avoid pregnancy?

avoid anyone with a bug?

you carry water, mints or gum?

check cars stopped at roadside?

...so how many did you tick?


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...a few words from Emily...


"Hi David

How are you? I just thought I would write to you to thank you and let you know how much progress I have made in the last year and a half!

I eat most kinds of meat including chicken!! I haven't mastered cooking it myself yet but eat other meats that I can cook myself, I also had a glass of wine last Friday! Something I never ever thought I would do, I don't want to get drunk but I feel now I can have a little bit of alcohol with my friends without feeling scared of what might happen.

I haven't gone home from work from a panic attack since last Christmas I think! obviously I still have bad days and suffer from depression occasionally but I feel now I've conquered a lot of what I couldn't do before.

Thank you!"

Emily Stokes



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Hi David, I am still buzzing from the seminar! I have never felt so relaxed in an atmosphere, subject of which would normally have me panicking! You and your wife made the whole experience far less daunting than I could've imagined and I could have stayed there all day.

I was amazed to see so many people and immediately got comfort from that. Also knowing that there are varying levels of fear going on is helpful to know. I feel like I already have a bit of a clearer knowledge of how the mind works now and realise how the therapy would help me in overcoming this fear. Thank you!




"I need to sort out this phobia. I just realized that if I had cancer and
needed chemo, I'd probably refuse treatment and die to avoid vomiting"



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what is emetophobia

 what causes emetophobia

treatment for emetophobia

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