emetophobia: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of vomiting or fear of throwing up despite the reassurance by others that there is no danger.  


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Hi David,

Just wanted to send you a quick update! I'm now working as a nanny for a family with a 2 year old and a new baby on the way and really enjoying it. 

I still live with mum and we've been getting on really well. We went to Spain together before Christmas. Flying was no problem! I also now own a flat of my own that dad is living in! Not sure if you knew that already?

I just wanted to tell you how I'm getting on with the sick thing... Since  being around kids a lot I've picked up a few bugs along the way. Had the Norovirus twice and coped fine! I leant that there is definitely a difference between feeling sick and actually being sick. I have even felt so poorly I've been pleased to be sick and have made myself be sick to feel better!! 

Also having close friends with young kids means I have to deal with them being poorly too! Just before Xmas, Keira (my friend Lucy's 18 month old) was sick over dinner. Lucy took her straight for a bath and I continued to eat... While there was sick on the table! She was later sick again, projectile style, and I stayed in the room and helped. 

Pretty proud of myself really so wanted to let you know how much of a difference it really has made to my life! 

Danielle Rhodes 

Hello David

I have some news which I would really like to share with you as it is a complete 360 of what my plans were before I met you.

I am pregnant!!!

I am in the middle of morning sickness hell! But as disgusting and horrible as it all is I am not scared, I keep calm and get on with things.

Before I met you I was hell bent on never having another child. But once I started my sessions with you and began understanding and processing everything in my head I realised the real reason for not wanting another child was down to my fear. Now that I have control of that fear I now know that wasn't a good enough reason and my reasons for having another child far outweighed that one.

Having my sessions with you has really helped me put my life back into perspective and although I still have my moments I am the one in control not the child in me and not my fear.

So thank you David. I now look forward to my next chapter.

Kind regards


Hi David

How are you? I just thought I would write to you to thank you and let you know how much progress I have made in the last year and a half!

In the last year I have flown to Estonia and Spain (with the aid of diazepam!) both within 8 months of each other. The flights werenít nice but I feel like I could go on another one anytime.

I also eat most kinds of meat including chicken!! I havenít mastered cooking it myself yet but eat other meats that I can cook myself, I also had a glass of wine last Friday! Something I never ever thought I would do, I donít want to get drunk but I feel now I can have a little bit of alcohol with my friends without feeling scared of what might happen.

I havenít gone home from work from a panic attack since last Christmas I think! obviously I still have bad days and suffer from depression occasionally but I feel now ive conquered a lot of what I couldnít do before.

Thank you!

Emily Stokes

Hi David,

I thought I'd write a quick message to you to thank you for the treatment you gave to my daughter Emily (she suffers from Emetophobia). It's a year on and the change in her has been remarkable. I can liken it to 'the sun coming out from behind a cloud' ( if that doesn't sound too cheesy!)

For example, she goes on trains, eats chicken and goes clubbing in London - things that she would have found very difficult a year ago.

Again, thank you

 Alison Stokes

Hi David

'just wanted to tell you that last year I cried at the reports on Norovirus, this year I'm neutral. Don't want it, of course, but I'm not freaking out'...Anna

Hi David,

Thought I'd share today with you- it has been a real landmark!

Yesterday one of my consultants was off with a bug. He came back in today, and I did my usual, wash your hands, don't make me tea etc. 

About two hours later , my other consultant was sick. And continued to be sick all day. I didn't run out of the branch, even though I could hear her, which I've done before. I didn't send her home immediately and then not go to the loo all day. Yes, I did make her leave the fan on, and no, I will never use the mouthwash bottle again, but here is the funny bit.  I was eating my lunch while she noisily threw up. I turned to the others in the branch, rolled my eyes a bit (she is very dramatic and was being as loud as possible to make a point!) and calmly ate my lunch. ME! I ate while someone was sick fifteen feet away! 

Of course now I'm home I'm a bit wobbly I may catch it, but I wasn't like me at all today. I can't believe it!

 La la laaaaaaaaaa! I'm very proud of myself!

Tracey Kidman

Hi David

I'm pregnant!! :) :) :)

This time I've been suffering with nausea every waking moment and I was struggling a little when I called. However, I have worked through it and I wanted to tell you today that I was sick this morning and I was OKAY! Obviously it was't pleasant but I dealt with it and now I am on a train up to Birmingham to get on with my day. Feel ropey, and worried it might happen again when I'm not at home, but I'm ok.

Thanks a million David. It's never going to be something I want to cope with, but I guess I will have to because we all have to, but it's just becoming ok.

Thanks again :)


Hi David, Just to let you know that I'm back from hols and had a lovely time - didn't panic on planes or buses and had a fab time with my daughter - Thank you!

Leanne Potter

"Well, thought I would let you all know how things are going for me. I have had 4 sessions with David now and I'm feeling a lot better! I don't know if any of you remember how much of a nervous wreck I was during the seminar earlier this year...well, to remind you...I walked into that building and burst into tears , on the verge of a panic attack...I just couldn't control myself! I had so many thoughts rushing through my head because of this awful debilitating phobia...and felt this was my final chance of finding something or someone to help me, so desperate!

Well, during my 1st meeting with David  I was much the same as at the seminar....i cried a lot! But I left the session feeling empowered and enlightened. The first session, T**, my very understanding partner came with me for support, and to assist me on the train!! But the 3 other sessions I made up to London on my own! Now, at 32 you would have thought that was a simple thing to do.....but no, it wasn't for me...it was a big deal, as I'm sure you understand. Plus, I didn't feel the need to rush to the session and straight out again.

On my 3rd and 4th sessions, I got a slightly earlier train, AND....walked around Oxford St by myself!...This is usually unheard of for me, because I never used to like being out of my comfort zone in the slightest.

I feel like a different person. Considering the fact that I haven't been sick for over 29 years, (seriously) I dont feel that I would rather jump in front of a bus ....I know that I will be able to deal with it in a more adult and reasonable way.

David managed to help me discover what the root cause for my phobia was....basically I was regressed back to the age of 1!! (tip: never eat sand...hahah) He helped me see the scenario through the eyes on an adult, not as a child with hardly any life experience! I used to have some strange rituals on a daily basis, again, as Im sure you understand....but the only daily ritual I have now, although Im not totally normal yet (hahah) is listening to a special CD from David, and about 10 mins self hypno/relaxation!

Hope this helps anyone.xxxxx

love from W****
(soon to be personal trainer...bring it on)

"When I first went to see David, I was at the point where emetophobia was affecting every part of my life. I was scared of eating because I thought food might be off even if I had just bought it. I would obsessively check sell by dates and I often missed out at social events such as barbeques and dinners out because I would order the Ďsafe optioní of salad or soup while everyone else would go for the meat dishes. Chicken was off limits and before I started my hypnotherapy I had not eaten chicken for about 5 years. With David we worked on the fear that enveloped me whenever the thought of being sick or being around someone who had been sick recently would take over. Everything came to a head when a stomach bug was going around work and I was scared to even go into the office. With David, I learned so much. I gradually accepted what I never could before, that there was nothing to actually be scared of. I saw David for about 6 sessions.

When I arrived I was cynical, sceptical and I believed that this was the last straw and if this would not work, nothing would. He asked me if I believed that it would work and I said no. I was apprehensive about being under hypnosis and felt like I may feel I was out of control. But David talked me through every step. Under hypnosis, I discovered a number of things that had happened in my life that had contributed to my emetophobia. All of them were interlinked with fear for one reason or another, such as when I was eight and I had been sick in school. The teacher had not allowed me to go to the toilet and I had had to disobey her. My fear then was like my fear I was now fighting as a woman in my early twenties. I felt as if I was trapped and remembering under hypnosis the events that had led to my fears gave me the understanding of my phobia that I had needed.

A few weeks after I stopped seeing David, a close friend of mine was staying at my house and had food poisoning. Before my sessions I would have been terrified and stayed away; now I was close to him, offering him support and behaving the way I had always wanted to and that should be natural, to look after my friend. I now go out to restaurants and order whatever I feel like and I have a rational voice in my mind when I am not feeling well. I have accepted that illness is a part of life but not something that should take over. My life is so much freer now and I am lighter without this irrational fear taking me over."


 "I think I have made some good progress with many situations for example:

- I am not so anxious about going on a train late at night with the drunks
- I don't mind walking around hospital corridors
- I am calm and relaxed to give people alcoholic drinks if staying in my house and don't feel the need to water them down
- I am happy to travel in the back of the car (for a short time) sitting with other passengers even if the driver drives erratically
- I don't feel the need to have headphones and earplugs by my bed in case I hear something funny in the night (I will probably be asleep)


"I've been so busy organising our wedding and am feeling really well.
Touch wood I have not had a panic attack since our last session and have  done some things I'm extremely proud of. I don't know if I'm completely free of this fear but since meeting you I have come so far. I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me. You have given me a life I used to dream about.

The other day I had to go to London to a dress fitting and I felt nervous and panicky all day even up to when I picked my friend up I just wanted to turn around and go home but I didn't, and better still after my appointment my friends wanted food and I was very aware we were far from home but I sat and ate a bowl of chips, I would never had done any of that a year ago. There has been so many other things.

I still feel I have some things to keep working on and that I'm not fear free yet but I'm feeling so confident at the moment and feel I'm going from strength to strength.

David I honestly cannot tell you how much what you have done has helped me.

I will keep you updated.

Thank you, sick"

"Our last session helped me ever so much to pull my socks up and get on with what I have to do. I was disappointed that I had allowed myself to hide behind my phobia and I'm even more disappointed that I almost surrendered to it. Thank you so much for retrieving my optimism and self esteem.

Kindest regards",

Hayley Tailor

"My young son needed some trainers and asked me to take him to the shopping centre. Normally I would have felt very uneasy but we went, bought the trainers, and even had a coffee while we were out. I know it doesn't sound much but I can assure you that was a major step for me. Thank you" K.C.

"My dream was to be a bridesmaid - my life wouldn't be complete without it. When I got the call from my best friend asking me to be her bridesmaid, I was immediately filled with dread. 'What if I am standing at the front of the church and feel sick and then have to run past all the guests and maybe throw up in front of everyone?' Crazy thoughts but very real fears for me.

Following the treatment, I had a few days before the wedding to reflect upon what had come up in regression and I was able to understand why I was experiencing these negative thoughts. The wedding went ahead without a hitch - apart from a giggling fit when I realised how silly I had been and how much I really was enjoying myself! That was two weeks ago and I have noticed even more subtle changes in my behaviour and attitude to certain situations. Thank you so much for helping me" M.C

"I originally booked to see David for a fear of flying but it became pretty obvious once the therapy had begun that I didn't have a fear of dying in a plane crash but that the person sitting next to me might be sick.."




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