emetophobia: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of vomiting or fear of throwing up despite the reassurance by others that there is no danger.  

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Hi David, I am still buzzing from the seminar! I have never felt so relaxed in an atmosphere, subject of which would normally have me panicking! You and your wife made the whole experience far less daunting than I could've imagined and I could have stayed there all day.

I was amazed to see so many people and immediately got comfort from that. Also knowing that there are varying levels of fear going on is helpful to know. I feel like I already have a bit of a clearer knowledge of how the mind works now and realise how the therapy would help me in overcoming this fear. Thank you!



Hello David

I have some news which I would really like to share with you as it is a complete 360 of what my plans were before I met you.

I am pregnant!!!

I am in the middle of morning sickness hell! But as disgusting and horrible as it all is I am not scared, I keep calm and get on with things.

Before I met you I was hell bent on never having another child. But once I started my sessions with you and began understanding and processing everything in my head I realised the real reason for not wanting another child was down to my fear. Now that I have control of that fear I now know that wasn't a good enough reason and my reasons for having another child far outweighed that one.

Having my sessions with you has really helped me put my life back into perspective and although I still have my moments I am the one in control not the child in me and not my fear.

So thank you David. I now look forward to my next chapter.

Kind regards


'just wanted to tell you that last year I cried at the reports on Norovirus, this year I'm neutral. Don't want it, of course, but I'm not freaking out'...Anna

Click on the above video to hear an introduction from me...it does NOT have any images of that thing that you don't want to see.


You eat out in restaurants very rarely and when doing so you avoid chicken, spicy or unusual cuisines

  You don't drink or restrict yourself to a glass of wine

  You don't like pubs or clubs - even to the extent of walking past them

You dislike dinner parties, social events and crowded rooms which could lead to anxiety / panic attacks

 You eat little in public and if so you sit near a door

 You are very aware of checking sell-by dates

    You avoid flying and travelling by boat

 You avoid public transport, preferring to travel by car and driving yourself

 You feel uncomfortable when visiting a cinema and insist on sitting at the end of a row

 You avoid pregnancy fearing morning sickness and / or the fear of having a child and not being able to care for it correctly if they were to become sick

 You avoid anyone with a real or imagined sickness bug - either within their own environment or in public places

 You ensure that you always carry a bottle of water, mints or chewing gum

 You are aware of cars stopped at the side of a motorway

 You are very aware of pavements and check weather forecasts to see when rain is due



GABRIELLE'S STORY...I've suffered with Emetophobia all my life, that's 45 years of stressing about, or trying to avoid being s***. Up until my hypnotherapy sessions with David - about 5 years ago - I didn't cope very well and lived in fear most of the time. I managed to have 2 children but after they were born a new fear entered my life, that of the kids being s***. Hypnotherapy released me from years of negative and frightening thoughts and my approach to life now is so far removed from my old self.

You can be imprisoned by your own mind but it is possible to regain control. I recently reached a turning point in my life that I never thought possible. I started to feel s*** and instead of guzzling water or mints or pepto bismol or rennie or motillium10, I decided to just let it happen. I always thought that you had no warning but I was wrong, my body let me know I was going to be s*** and so I just waited. It was over so quickly and I can honestly say it was just unpleasant, not horrific, not scary, not overwhelming, not uncontrollable, just unpleasant. I felt so much better and was so pleased with myself. It was such an achievement.

Just knowing I can cope with the experience has changed my life. My son was s*** recently and instead of calling my husband to deal with it I calmly took him to the bathroom and held his hand. It didn't phase me in the slightest, in fact I was so pleased that I could be there for him.

Now I know that you are reading this and thinking "that's fine for her, she doesn't know how I feel, being s*** is worse than dying". Well I do know, because I've been there, I have been up all night shaking from head to toe, avoided parties that I would have loved to have gone to, been housebound because of a s***ness bug at work, lived my life as a series of panic attacks, thought about suicide. All because of one tiny event that happened at birth.

Life does get better.




Hi David,

 I had several appointments at your Harley Street clinic back in the summer of 2011. I was suffering from anxiety brought on by the fear of being sick, I had experienced a trigger event whilst at university and had to deal with the situation alone which resulted in a huge surge in anxiety and worry afterwards.

 I was about to embark on my final year of university and to be honest I didn't know how I would ever complete my degree because of my anxiety. I made the decision to live at home and commute each day to my campus because I couldn't face living away from my safety zone which consisted of my home and my parents, who understood my anxiety.

 When I first met you I couldn't even get on a train or bus alone, of fear I would panic and feel or be sick. I was always chaperoned to London to make your appointments, I could never come alone. I didn't have a social life, and my parents even had to come home from their summer holiday early because I could not cope alone without them. When we all went on holiday together as a family it was an extremely anxious time, I was out of my comfort zone and having to travel on ferries, cars etc which resulted in a big panic attack so it wasn't just effecting me but my whole family. The anxiety was literally controlling all aspects of my life and it was an extremely difficult time, I was also finishing university soon and what I would do after worried me.

 3 years later I am now 25 years old and I have improved so much, my life has completely changed. I now live and work in London as a freelance designer, I am in a relationship and have some great friends and a social life again. I commute the dreaded London commute everyday on tubes and buses and anxiety will barely effect me. I have also been on holidays alone with my friends and my boyfriend. Anxiety still surfaces now and again but it is much more controlled and it doesn't control my life and decisions anymore. After I saw you I improved gradually over the months, it was a long road but I've reached a point now where I feel confident again with thanks to your help those 3 years ago. I learnt to do small things that made me a bit anxious (stay at friends houses, go on a bus alone, do things out of my comfort zone etc) and gradually with small steps I have been able to move out and live in London. If you told me when I met you that I would live and work in London I would never have believed you. So I am extremely thankful for your help and advice.

 I would like to offer up my services to you should you ever have a patient that needs someone to contact who has been in a similar situation to them. I was in contact with one of your patients in Newcastle and still am now and again so I know it helps.

Thanks again for your help I am a different person now.

Kind regards,

Daniella Case



"I need to sort out this phobia. I just realized that if I had cancer and needed chemo, I'd probably refuse treatment and die to avoid throwing up".



DAVID SAMSON is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). He holds a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (SQHP) and is accredited by the National Regulatory Register for Hypnotherapy (NRH)

He has appeared on Vanessa's Real Lives (ITV 1 television) discussing unusual phobias.  He has acted as Phobia Advisor to London Talk Radio, LBC Radio, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio 2.  His work with phobias has been featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail and the Evening Standard and LBC

He has successfully been treating Emetophobia for the past twelve years and on average helping 7 - 8 sufferers each week.

"It is my belief that exposure therapy is too frightening for an emetophobe to undergo and that they should be in full control throughout the sessions"

David Samson Dip Adv Hyp  SQHP


"I've achieved massive changes in my day to day life in terms or worrying and being anxious it hardly ever happens anymore. My eating has also improved hugely and I am so much happier in myself. 

I've even suggested to all my mates that next summer when the Euros are on in France that we hire a minibus and all drive down into France wherever England are playing for the atmosphere and a good laugh."

Callum 23yrs



...more information on the norovirus and rotavirus stomach bugs

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