emetophobia: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of vomiting   


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As can be seen from the previous pages and case histories, emetophobia develops from a childhood incident that caused a deep rooted trauma connected with vomiting, in other words, as a result of conditioning.

When that child first experienced that initial incident (normally between the age of one to six years old), they were not fully developed intellectually. They reacted to that situation based on their life experiences to date - such as "don't do things that upset people because it means they don't love you anymore" or perhaps "if you are sick, everybody looks at you and says nasty things".

Regression Hypnotherapy will allow a person to remember that particular event and review it with 'adult' eyes this time around. This will then allow them to interpret the event correctly and it will no longer be an issue for them.

The lady in Case History 4 realised whilst in regression that her uncle was screaming because he didn't want to get his new suit splashed, absolutely nothing to do with her physical condition. This realisation allowed her to interpret the scene correctly and even to have a chuckle after the session saying "he was only worried about his suit, not me"

Even the most complex of cases can be successfully treated with Regression Hypnotherapy, just by enabling the adult to see the event again and 'overwrite' the bad data with correct data.

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